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There are multiple artists with the name "Close Talker" 1) Indie band from Sasaktoon, SK - Home page Members: Will Quiring - Vocals, Guitar Matthew Kopperud - Guitar, Vocals Chris Morien - Drums, Vocals Jerms Olson - Bass, Vocals Albums: Timbers (debut, 2013) 2) Punk band from Richmond, VA. - Bandcamp page Stay Sweet Records Albums: So Am I (2013) 3) Rock band from San Diego, CA - My Space page The back-story is that our drummer Dan Gaskill was at the Martha's Vineyard "town rager" when Conor Oberst approached him, plastered as all hell. They talked briefly about Conor's punk band Desaparecidos before Connor asked him if he was currently in a band. Feeling a little uncomfortable, probably due to the fact that this critically acclaimed musician was screaming in his ear, Dan attempted to create some space between them and tells Conor that he is a 'Close Talker'. Thinking that was the answer to the initial question, Conor exclaims that it is the greatest band name he has ever heard. Upon his arrival in San Diego, Dan joined a short lived band called The Osophists. During name change discussions (apparently no one knows what an 'Osophist' is) Dan tells the story of his conversation with Bright Eyes. The name Close Talker was heavily considered by Osophist guitarist Tim Penwell, but the band broke up before the name ever reached a marquee. Years later, Dan's childhood friend and former Unbusted (see 'Stuck on You' soundtrack) guitarist Jackson Sandland came to California wanting to start a band. Eager to return to the stage, Dan called Tim to start the song writing process. It was a rocky start complete with shady practice spaces (porn studios, airplane hangers, etc.), stolen gear, and non-existent bass players. Then out of nowhere, Derry Van Nortwick, mutually splitting from his rock/reggae band 'Project Out of Bounds' brought what he describes simply as "thunder" and helped put all the missing pieces in order. After being conceived in Massachusetts and lying in utero for years, Close Talker has finally been born. 4) Phil McGovern "eclectic electronic rock with touches of 80's synth pop and Bowie-esque melodies." - Facebook page (Bandcamp page) Album: Assimilation Nation Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.