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For bookings: Facebook: A true DJ at heart with many years of experience, Dutch DJ/producer Fre4knc (pronounced "frequency") has been making waves in the studio. Due to stand out releases for Noisia's Invisible, Critical Music, Samurai Music and Dispatch Recordings he has created his own raw, deep and techy drum & bass sound for the dancefloor. Next to that he built his reputation as a DJ after playing on events like: Noisia Invites, Outlook Festival, Blackout, his own Break-Fast events and many others all across Europe. Now in 2016 he’s pushing his sound further with releases set for Invisible Recordings, Critical Music and Samurai Music. With a versatile and infectious style, his tracks have already won support across the scene from the likes of Noisia, Photek, Break, Friction, Black Sun Empire, Fabio, DJ Hype, Icicle, SpectraSoul, Rockwell, Enei, Skeptical, DLR, Kasra and many more. Discography: Enei - Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix) [Critical Music] Tradecraft [Invisible Recordings 12"] Detail - Fx (Fre4knc Remix) [Vandal Records] Vortice (w/ Amoss) [Dispatch Recordings 12"] Rotor [Critical Music 12"] This Misery (feat. Mongoose) [Critical Music 12"] Fender Bender [Critical Music 12"] Rebus (w/ Silvahfonk) [Critical Music] Rocket Science [Critical Music] Chain Of Command [Plasma Audio 12"] Sinjek [Plasma Audio 12"] Policay - Maestro (Fre4knc Remix) [Free Download] Oxide (w/ Amoss) [Dispatch Recordings 12"] Pollock [Free Download] Spitfire [Invisible Recordings 12"] Cardiome [Invisible Recordings 12"] Marching Cube VIP [Absys Records 12"] Tellurian [Samurai Music 12"] The Source [Samurai Music 12"] Flink [Samurai Music] Barnard's Loop [Samurai Music Free DL] Third Law (w/ Mindmapper) [Break-Fast Audio] Typha (w/ Mindmapper) [Break-Fast Audio] Glow Worm [Translation Recordings Forthcoming] Cursa, Subliminal & Alxr - Camino (Mindmapper & Fre4knc Remix) [Demand Records CD] Apparatus (w/ Mindmapper) [Dispatch Recordings CD] Full Measure [Invisible Recordings] Follow [F4R] Amental [Free Download] Tubular [Samurai Music 12"] Relic (w/ Mtwn & Mindmapper) [Samurai Music 12"] Theropod (w/ Mindmapper) [Samurai Music] Beastbox (w/ Maask) [Dust Audio 12"] Marching Cube [Absys Records 12"] Mav - Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea (Mindmapper & Fre4knc Remix) [Scientific] Black Box [Break-Fast Audio] You Have None [Gradient Audio] Vincent Vague [Interactive Recordings] Shutter Angel (w/ Mindmapper) [Translation Recordings 12"] Collessius (w/ Mindmapper) [Translation Recordings 12"] Fenryr (w/ Mindmapper) [Translation Recordings 12"] Mind of Steel (w/ Mindmapper) [Translation Recordings] Mesmer [Dust Audio] Rushed (w/ Mindmapper) [Free Download] Rob Peters - Rain (Fre4knc Remix) [Fakkelteitgroep] Dictionary of Dreams (w/ Mindmapper) [Dust Audio 12"] Clear Distinction (w/ Mindmapper) [Demand Records 12"] Milsani (w/ Mindmapper) [Break-Fast Audio] Ghoti (w/ Mindmapper) [Santorin] Heliocentric (w/ Mindmapper) [Digi-Lab Recs] Fangtooth (w/ Mindmapper) [Subtle Audio] The Tube VIP [Free Download] The Tube [Break-Fast Audio] Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.