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Hail the Sun

Donovan Melero - Lead vocals, drums. Aric Garcia - Guitar, backing vocals. Shane Gann - Guitar, vocals. John Stirrat - Bass. Hail the Sun formed with three friends who have been playing together for almost a decade. The sound they formed has a seductive touch, that invites ones ears to come along. Each band member brings their own style to the party, which forms a chemistry that is much more than a compound. Influences include only life, and modern mishaps and rendezvous. Musically and lyrically these guys go at it more than rabbits, more and more defining a unique sound. As the globe keeps turning, the sun keeps shining, and they keep hailing, harder than ice. Thank you friends. POW! Right in the Kisser! (2010) Elephantitis (EP, 2012) Wake (2014) Culture Scars (2016) Secret Wars (EP, 2017) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.