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Late Night Radio is Alex Medellin, Electro/ Hip Hop/ Soul - Hustling to make his mark in Denver, Colorado’s electronic music melting pot, Late Night Radio is earning the respect of fans and peers alike through prolific production, innovative experimentation, and a dogged dedication to the craft. Alex Medellin has put in his time in the industry, coming up in Texas and California, but his ascension in the Colorado scene speaks to his ability to not only create a stunning array of original tracks, but bring them to life on stage, practicing what he preaches—guided by the mantra “emotion over energy.” Late Night Radio is Bob Kordas, Diane Kordas, George Ede, and Fred Fowler. They play bluegrass, acoustic swing, old-timey and roots-based original compositions, including the epitaph for the Old Man of the Mountain "Gone but not Forgotten". They are based in Weare, New Hampshire. Diane Kordas is an acomplished singer songwriter, who performs in schools and for children. Between them, they play banjo, guitar, resophonic guitar, fiddle and bass. more information is available at . There have apparently been two or more bands calling themselves Late NIght Radio, only one of which is seemingly active at the present time. The videos filed under this name apparently belong to a 1980's band of this name rather than th eNew Hampshire group. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.