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5/5 Stars "This self-titled, dynamic release clearing conveys the sense that these players are reaching towards the distances without losing contact with one another, without sacrificing heart and soul, and proving that emotion and abstraction are not mutually exclusive." CdBaby - Editor's pick - 10 to Watch in 2010 Rabin and Markovitch have truly made an album that is exciting and relaxing all over the course of forty minutes" Album of the month - August 2009 - The Deli Chicago "Marbin's music is like stepping into a dream, and staying there" Examiner - Carol Banks Weber "What appeals the most is the originality of the songwriting and the clearly-visible chemistry. It’s what makes this album so emotionally charged. Marbin is a strange but beautiful animal." 4.5 stars 69 faces of rock - Mark Kadzielawa "Marbin's album stands up to repeated listening and is a work of art, showing that the headphone album is alive and well." Jazz Police - Maxwell Chandler "An influence of Dave Gilmour and Al DiMeola can be heard within the guitar which are tough acts to duplicate in any kind of a way. On Saxophone the sounds of Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, and John Coltrane can be heard within the wonderful melodic runs. Together these two fantastic musicians make up the sweet group called Marbin." Examiner - Roger Reis "There’s something beautiful about a band not anxious about using silence, and the silent, the quiet and the slow are here in ample quantities. The result is slow-building crescendos, and many of them; with each one seeming all the more powerful for the subtle ambience that precedes it." Pith magazine - James Hendicott "While not forsaking traditional jazz, Marbin has stepped into a new arena and introduced a dynamic collection of songs that should be welcomed by a vast array of both jazz and world music fans." Chicks With Guns (CWG) Magazine Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.