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There are two (or more) bands with the name Shatterproof. For Shatterproof based in Stockholm, Sweden please refer to or For the Fort Collins, CO based Shatterproof: Shatterproof-An alternative band from bustling college town Fort Collins, CO was formed when Shawn Campbell (Vocals, Guitar) and Jeremy Marmor (Guitar) united in their musical interests with brothers Josh Schoenig (bass) and Chris Schoenig (drums). They played a few sucessful shows under the name The Xcentrix. Chris later left to go to college and join the Air Force ROTC. After his departure the band added TJ Wessel on drums, who later moved to violin making room for Benjamin Spoliansky on drums. The band decided to adopt the name of Shatterproof. In August 2011 Shawn left the band to go to college. The band added Branson Hoog on vocals and accoustic guitar. Shatterproof is now writing new music and taking a new approach to the band. In early 2012 they relesed their new EP "Running in Circles" recorded at backbone studios in Loveland CO, with producer Jason Larson. They have already played numerous shows with the new line up in 2012 at increasingly larger venues and gathering a larger following. Shatterproof is now looking forward to getting into the studio again and continuing to follow their love for music. Information from the band's Facebook page. For the Copenhagen based Shatterproof: It was over a decade long love for hardcore-music and the almost total lack of a hardcore-scene in Copenhagen that led David and Dennis to form Shatterproof in the summer of 2007. After over 10 years with no hardcore-bands emerging from Copenhagen that played the hard-hitting music that we love, we decided it was time for a change. We’ve all been a part of hardcore actively since we were teenagers (playing in bands, doing zines and what not), and with all of us approaching the ripe age of 30 (and one approaching 40), there was no better time for us to step up in unison and let over 10 years of frustration manifest itself through our new common cathartic outlet, Shatterproof. Our goal from the start was to represent hardcore in Copenhagen and help keeping a fragile and very small scene alive in Denmark. Our inception was also a reaction to all the politically correct trends, prefab metalcore-bands and the all-too symbolic rise of the stupid brassknuckle trend that has infected something that once was pure, but is now waning and slowly getting swallowed up by everything hardcore was born as a reaction against. Acceptance of everybody no matter the color, creed or lifestyle, the DIY principle that kept big business away and the scene genuine, but most of all the choice of individuality instead of following trends. Hardcore isn’t about snickers, band t-shirts, hairstyle, whether you smoke or drink or don’t, it’s about expressing ideas and thoughts through hard music, it’s a cathartic outlet of the heartaches and hardships of life, from the kids, to the kids, and that’s what we’re all about. As it is with any new entity, we experienced infancy problems, mainly embodied in the troubles of finding a stable lineup. But by the summer of 2008, over a year since the formation, we finally managed to get a complete stable lineup with Ole taking the place behind the barrels in the spring of 2008 and Mads taking over the bass-duties since the late summer of 2008. In august 2008, we went 5 days into Snakes Studios in Copenhagen to record our first offering which resulted in a 5-track EP. We’ve never been about self-appraisal, but nevertheless we are all very proud of the results. It brings some of the hard music to the Danish scene that we’ve all been missing, and we are proud to have been the ones putting it out. It may not be groundbreaking musically, but that was never our point either. It’s the kind of music that we in the past would drive half-across the country to hear another band play. It’s the kind of music that we would dance to and have good times with. It’s music that we ourselves can identify with and people can identify us with through our lyrics. That’s the point, and that will always be the point with Shatterproof. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.