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There are at least three bands called Usurper. 1) USURPER formed in1993 and released their first demo in 1994. Since then, USURPER have recorded 5 full length albums, 1 mini album, 1 rarities CD and toured 16 different countries around the world. USURPER'S blend of thrash metal, classic heavy metal anthems, over-the-top chaos and hints of dark, melodic atmosphere have been a trademark of the band since day one. USURPER doesn't preach any political/religious ideologies, or sing about any socially relevant topics. Topics such as werewolves, monster folklore, alien invasions, ancient civilizations, ancient battles, cryptozoological creatures, hauntings, prophecies, time travel, and the paranormal are the essence of Usurper's words, which when combined with the music, and artwork create a strange fantasy world of dark heavy metal horror. 2) Usurper, a Dutch thrash metal quartet who evolved from the band Sepulchral Death and released the 'Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development' album in 1990. 3) The latest is a hardcore band from Boston. They have released two demos. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.