7 Dos and Don'ts of Attending a Concert in 2018

Whether you attend the live shows all the time or not, or just one or two in a year, concerts are something that you should be mentally prepared for. Listening to a band on TV is a completely different thing from seeing them live. However, going to your first concert could be a little intimidating. So, here are some do's and don'ts that music lovers should take into concern before attending their first live show.

Going crazy is good, going too crazy isn't!

It is understood that you have paid for attending the show of a band that you love, so, it allows you to freak out during their set. Also, do not forget that you are not anymore in your bedroom or car where no one is watching, be respectful of the people around.

Socialize on Snapchat as much as you can

It is all about your night! Post as many Snapchat stories as you want, as your Snapchat story would be something that you would love to watch over and over again. Even if your fans don't want to watch your abnormally long stories, they really don't have to.

Put your cell phone away

Apart from your Snapchat stories, try clicking a few pictures of the concert you are attending and maybe some full song videos, but do not try making a full movie. You can watch your favorite songs on YouTube the very next day; instead, enjoy at the best, sing, dance, and make some good memories.

Sing the loudest

Sing as loud and as weird as you can. Who cares if the people around think that you are tone deaf or something? They can undoubtedly get over it. You are here to have fun, so enjoy your best.

Shed tears out

If the band starts playing your favorite song, and there you start feeling emotional, it is good! Cry and shed your tears out. Every artist's or band's goal is to make people feel something from their performance, so, feel it.

Do not push

In accordance with getting closer to the stage, try not pushing the people in front of you. You surely will fail. Rather worrying about how close you are to the stage, try enjoying the music and the band's performance from wherever you are. The band is going to sound the same from the front row as it sounds from the fifth.

Meet new people

One of the best things about concerts is that you get chances of interacting with new people. Do not hesitate, introduce yourself, share your experiences at the concert, and talk about the reason for your love of the band. Who knows you could be meeting a lifelong friend?