Top 8 things to bring to an outdoor concert

Are you planning for an outdoor concert this summer?

So, you must be confused with the things that you should bring (or should not bring) to the concert for making the evening a rocking success.

Apart from the basic necessities (ticket, blanket, dancing shoes), here are the top 8 things that you should bring to an outdoor concert for ensuring maximum musical awesomeness:

Plastic Sandwich Bag

Why need a plastic bag? To put your smartphone in if it starts raining. This helps in keeping your phone protected; you still can take photos and update them on your social media accounts. Sounds genius! Right?

Helium Balloons

Not because they are super neat, you can always tie them around your chair or somewhere at your hang-out spot so your friends can find you even in the crowd.

Toilet Paper

It could not be a very glamorous hack, but this hack could save you from some of the very complicated port-a-potty situations. Pack your own and save yourself from the terrified end-of-the-night paperless potty.

Glow Sticks

You can always wave them for expressing your enthusiasm. However, you can also tie them to your clothes allowing your friends to find you even in the wildest crowd of dancers.


Have you ever been to a rock concert that was too noisy that you barely hear the music very well? The rock concerts often reach dangerously high decibel levels, especially near the speakers. The volume level of a rock concert is capable enough of giving you a hearing loss.

Contact Lenses or Binoculars

If you are a glasses wearer, you can swap them out for the contact lenses for night. This makes your head banging sessions easy and you would not have to worry about them. If you are not from the glasses wearers family, so can still consider catching some binoculars to catch every detail of the stage, like the awesome and cool drumstick tricks.

Food and Refreshment

Bringing your own food (if allowed) to any concert has always resulted as a smart move. You can bring food and refreshments of your own choice. Be it a bag of wafers or a full picnic of fruit, cheese, the fanciest wine in all the land, and more.

A Pen or Marker

You might need to stick around and catch a signature after the show. Try not to anticipate that the performers will have a pen tucked onto their guitar strings. In this way, make it simple for them and take a stab at coming up with your own gear.