First Concert Tips to Know Before Attending

Are you heading towards your first concert ever? So, you must be excited about having the best time of your life.

When you plan to attend your first concert experience, there come many questions in your mind about how to prepare for my first concert. Like, what should you be wearing? What time should you be arriving? What would the crowd be like? Understanding a first-time concert goer’s queries, we are hereby sharing answers to all the burning questions below and some first concert tips, enabling you to go from a rookie to maestro in no time.

What should I be wearing for my first concert?

This completely depends on the type of music you are going to see. As a woman, don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking to look the cutest of all. Instead, wear something comfortable that you feel good in and that allows you to move comfortably. For all- please wear deodorant, and above all, put your hair in a ponytail as no one wants your hair in their mouth.

Is it rude to go to the front of the crowd?

This question has been a long debated one in the concert-going community.

Some people wait for hours before a show to outline their claim on the front of the crowd. So, yes, it is rude to push forward at an already sold out show and tap said people out of the way. However, if you are painstaking about moving up when little gaps of space appear on the floor, your turn soon will come and you will naturally be dragged to the front spot.

What time should I be getting to the concert?

This completely depends on the number of openers a show has and if you are interested in seeing those openers. In most of the cases, the tickets have two cases listed on them: doors/show. The seasoned concert-goers usually add about 30 minutes to the "show" time that gets them in the show right before the start of the main event.

How to get there? Where should I park?

Generally, the concert venues have information regarding their travel and parking listed on their website. Also, you can go ahead with googling some parking garages that are nearby or have the best rates. If you don't bother about saving money and care for convenience more, just go ahead with calling the venue and ask about what parking garage would be the closest to your ticket entrance.

Hope you like our first concert tips, stay tuned for more informative posts!